About Gearing the Market

Gearing the Market is an application with the goal of helping your long term investment decisions. We have developed an investment algorithm, which is geared towards the long-term, buy & hold investor.


GTM is a free service offered to the investment community, but we do need to make money to keep our doors open and improve the product.

Publicly traded companies may advertise on this site by having their GTM score outputted on the homepage. For example, if Disney were a sponsor, the homepage would display the GTM score for Disney without having to submit a search. Up to 5 companies at a time can be be displayed. Contact GTM if you're interested in purchasing homepage space.


All scores are 100% generated by the algorithm and we don't, under any circumstance, modify it to favor a certain company or companies. A good/better score cannot be bought, don't bother asking.

While this should not be your only investment tool, when used correctly it has shown to be successful. We very much encourage you to use multiple resources when choosing an investment path. We are not investment professionals, just some guys who read a lot about investment strategies and are good at math.